Pengumuman B1 Management Control System

Diposting pada tanggal : 18 Apr 2017 - oleh Ratna Purnama Sari, SE, MSi

 The material for discuss on Friday, April 21th 2017 have just uploaded in E-Learning. Do this task with your team which made in our first meeting.

Terms :

1. Analyze the case with your own sentences, not (just) only rewrite and paste it to ppt

2. Make a good presentation, you are permit to build your slide fabuluosly, but never dismiss the primary content of that

3. The softcopy must send by you to E-Learning on Friday, no later than 5pm. Dont forget to bring the printed one and then submit it before the presentation started 

4. Finally, get prepared on Friday, the 'lucky' team who apoointed must ready to present the case infront of the class

GOOD LUCK and see you on Friday :)